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NBLA and #RespectUs Make National News

"Retail stores and online shopping drew much of the attention on Black Friday. But the most important event of the day may have taken place away from the world of commerce and within the domain of the National Black Leadership Alliance and National Congress of Black Women. The two organizations, which serve as an umbrella for a host of other black groups and individuals, have launched a Black Friday “Respect Us” campaign that calls for ending support for broadcasts from “urban” radio stations that feature music they say “demeans, denigrates and promotes violence against women, with Black women as the primary target.”

From the Seattle Medium :

“These stations program a consistent playlist laced with demeaning and degrading lyrics while constantly using the ‘N’ word in order to make it clear that they are only referring to Black women,” said Bob Law, the national radio personality and Chair of the National Black Leadership Alliance. "

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