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GRACE Education Fund

GRACE which was formed in June 2017, has recently begun to distribute modest sums to Black independent schools. This is merely the beginning says former radio talk show host Bob Law, we are committed to providing much more money for many more schools. Two of the schools currently receiving funds from GRACE are The Freedom Home Academy, Chicago Illinois and The Learning Tree Stem Arts School, Queens New York.

Being aware of the increasingly hostile political environment expanding in America, the National Black Leadership Alliance has, among other initiatives, called for a paradigm shift in the ongoing struggle to acquire quality education for Black young people. The NBLA has created GRACE (Granting Resources And Cultivating Excellence), an independent education fund to provide financial support for independent black schools.


NBLA Chairman Bob Law states “It is our position that we should expand the current education movement to include placing a greater emphasis on supporting and sustaining the existing networks of the many excellent black independent schools that exists nationwide.”

The Freedom Academy - Chicago, IL

NBLA feels that the emerging generations of African American students are better served if we begin to take up the awesome task of creating a viable alternative to the dysfunctional public schools. The NBLA is calling on everyone whether you have children in school at this moment or not, to become a part of this movement to provide a quality and empowering education for the emerging generations of black youngsters.


We do not mean to abandon the public schools, but to expand the struggle in order to increase the possibilities for successfully granting more black children an empowering education. We are asking everyone to help give our children a future.


-To ensure that under-served and low-income siblings enrolled in successful non-public independent schools serving Black children, are able to meet the academic, socio-emotional and financial requirements of attending these schools.

-To Support these independent private schools in having the financial resources needed to employ an excellent staff and maintain the innovative learning environment needed for high-level student achievement.


Mommy & Me

-School must be in existence at least two years
-School must be known to GRACE and the National Black Leadership Alliance
-School curriculum must meet all state requirements
-School must specifically teach black studies either as a stand alone class or program or have it incorporated into all subjects
-School must teach at least one foreign language (Some languages taught at current GRACE schools: Spanish, Arabic, Ibo, Swahili, Aca, and American Sign Language)

-Parental Involvement: Parents whose children receive scholarship aid from GRACE grants must support and volunteer at the school, attending school / parent meetings is essential. 
-School must provide measurable outcomes of student progress (Some suggestions include some or all of the following: academic achievement, videos of teaching and learning or other school activities, student attendance, promotion data, graduation data)
-School share with GRACE how funds have been used
-School receiving funds from GRACE have agreed to the above criteria


Little League

-Operational expenses including rent and teacher salary
-Student tuition supports and scholarships (Selection of students will be determined by the school officials)
-Enrichment activities and programs
-Equipment and Materials

Fund Use

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